Thursday, 21 March 2013

Life Behind the Little Blue Door

Two major things happened in my house yesterday. The oven door fell right off its hinges in the middle me cooking tea and, almost simultaneously, i launched my little fledgling business,, out into the big wide interwebby world. 

These two events pretty much sum up my life. On the one hand i am 'Mummy' to two gorgeous girlies, Bethany and Isobel (and Daisy, our tiny dog), doing what mums do day in, day out and loving every bit of it but on the other hand i am 'Karen', a quiet soul, a dreamer and a compulsive creator of pretty things. Somehow, the two sides of me merge into one slightly frazzled being who bimbles through life trying to keep hearth and home together.

Home is where my heart is. It is not just where my little family lives but also where i work and where friends come for coffee and cake and a natter. Our *ahem* compact, 2 up 2 down, back-to-back house is awash with buttons, ribbon, fabric, music and laughter. I often wonder what our neighbours must think about the goings on in the little house with the blue door ! Obviously, as with anyone else's life, things are not always rosy here but i would like this to be my happy place where i can write about the lovely things in my life and push the not so lovely things to the back of my mind, just for a little while.

I have no idea if anyone will read my blog but, as with my home, the door will always be open and visitors are very welcome...................Love Karen x 


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