Sunday, 28 April 2013

We're definitely not in Kansas anymore, Toto !

Oh my ! The past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind ! Since i first launched Forget-me-not-blue out into the world 5 weeks ago (is it really only that long ?!) i have been busy Facebooking, Instagramming and Pinteresting and have well and truly dragged myself out of my cosy little shell. I have learnt so much and 'met' so many lovely people that i really wonder why i waited so long. My Facebook page is such a nice place to be and i am pretty sure i have the best followers EVER. Instagram has such a welcoming crafty community so it is always a pleasure to drop in over there to see what everyone's been up to and Pinterest is a constant source of inspiration and gorgeous images. I am so glad i finally took the plunge and joined in with all the fun !
 Of course there has been much making and selling too, oh yes, indeedy there has. I have been busy making linen lavender hearts, peg bags, cushions and all manner of lovely things for my website and have many more pretties planned when time allows. My new knitted dollies have proved very popular. They are loosely based on a pattern in an old Woolworths craft book given to me in the 70's when i was a child. The original doll had a bright orange afro which i didn't think would appeal so my dollies have rather more tasteful plaits ! Below is Blossom. She has already been adopted by a gorgeous little girl and now i am working on a boy version for her brother :o)
So, all in all, the first few weeks have been better than i ever imagined they would be. I held my first giveaway on Facebook and even gained my first two blog followers ! Hello to you both *waves madly at computer screen* and thank you for following me ! I think i'm really quite liking life outside my shell and don't have any plans to disappear back into it any time soon ! I will be back soon with news of my latest makes but until then, be smiley :o).......................Love Karen x

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Feeling naked....!

Its a funny old feeling when you put your life out onto the internet for everyone to see. As a quite private person, putting myself and my work 'out there' has felt kinda odd, sort of like being naked in public. Finding out that people you know have read your blog is truly weird ! The urge to scuttle away back to my comfy little anonymous nest is HUGE but i know i have to brazen it out and get over the awkwardness if i want Forget-me-not-blue to be what i have always wanted it to be. 

When you make things for a living a lot of yourself goes into each creation. The ideas spring from your own imagination and each little stitch is made by your own hand. When you see your lovely things finished and ready to sell it makes your heart flutter with pride that you yourself have taken some fabric, buttons, ribbon and thread and created something someone may treasure. This is the beauty of handmade things, they are made with love...............................................Love Karen x 

P.S. you can find me putting myself  'out there' on Facebook as 'forget-me-not-blue' and Instagram as 'forgetmenothome'

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Life Behind the Little Blue Door

Two major things happened in my house yesterday. The oven door fell right off its hinges in the middle me cooking tea and, almost simultaneously, i launched my little fledgling business,, out into the big wide interwebby world. 

These two events pretty much sum up my life. On the one hand i am 'Mummy' to two gorgeous girlies, Bethany and Isobel (and Daisy, our tiny dog), doing what mums do day in, day out and loving every bit of it but on the other hand i am 'Karen', a quiet soul, a dreamer and a compulsive creator of pretty things. Somehow, the two sides of me merge into one slightly frazzled being who bimbles through life trying to keep hearth and home together.

Home is where my heart is. It is not just where my little family lives but also where i work and where friends come for coffee and cake and a natter. Our *ahem* compact, 2 up 2 down, back-to-back house is awash with buttons, ribbon, fabric, music and laughter. I often wonder what our neighbours must think about the goings on in the little house with the blue door ! Obviously, as with anyone else's life, things are not always rosy here but i would like this to be my happy place where i can write about the lovely things in my life and push the not so lovely things to the back of my mind, just for a little while.

I have no idea if anyone will read my blog but, as with my home, the door will always be open and visitors are very welcome...................Love Karen x